Monday, May 19, 2008

Here, This'll Help

For all the ideologically-blinded idiots who are at a loss to explain why Massachusetts continues to lose population [read: the portion of which that pays into the system more than it takes out], and somehow think that better marketing is all that's required, might I suggest this new ad campaign.

Welcome to the "New and Improved" Massachusetts:
Now, with sex change operations for seven-year-olds!

Link here.

And, thanks to RomneyCare [read: taxpayer-subsidized healthcare for illegal aliens and multi-generational welfare abusers] being the law of the land, guess who gets to pay for 'em.

Link via reader and commenter Matt, who asks:

What the HELL is in the water in mAssachusetts??!!!

Hope and ChangeTM, my friend. Hope and ChangeTM.

UPDATE: Relax, folks, everything's OK. Upon re-reading the article, it turns out the good doctor is only going to be pumping these seven-year-olds full of body and mind-altering drugs. They can go under the knife once they turn 18.

Massachusetts: Where 37-year-old women can't be trusted to carry a gun to protect themselves from rapists, but 7-year-old girls can make the informed decision to put body-altering chemicals into their bodies.