Thursday, May 22, 2008

How Did I Miss This One

You all remember our good friend, New Hampshire State Representative Nickolas Levasseur, the irrationally anti-gun Obama cultist who likes to stalk and kill Republicans in his spare time.

Well, it turns out he's also the President of the Student Government Association at UNH-Manchester, an organization that's found itself in a little bit of trouble with the University as of late.

UNH-Manchester Student Government Suspended

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- The Student Government Association at the University of New Hampshire-Manchester has found itself locked out of its offices.

University Dean Kristin Woolever said school officials recently discovered the 16-year-old association may not have been chartered properly.

She said she shut down the group May 1 because it was wrongly allowing part-time students to run for office.

Association officers said Woolever is actually concerned about students speaking their mind.

Money quote:

President Nickolas Levasseur said the association loudly opposed the university's requiring students without health care coverage to buy $1,400-a-year policies through the school.

But, I thought the idea of forcing people to purchase health care coverage, whether they want it or not, was at the pinnacle of "progressive" health care policy?

Perhaps, what "Rep. Nikoli" has a problem with is the fact that the University isn't planning on extorting money from the wealthier residents of Durham and Manchester, to pay for it, instead.

Because that would be the most "fair" way to do it.