Monday, May 12, 2008

Quick Question

What's the cut-off point for the number of arrests a state legislator can rack up before he or she is forced to relinquish her seat in Concord?

State Rep. Nancy Warren arrested for violating bail conditions

ROCHESTER — State Rep. and former city School Board Chairwoman Nancy Warren is back in Strafford County Jail following her fifth arrest in the past year, four of these arrest in just over two months.

Warren, 48, of 101 Lowell St. was arrested Saturday on a Class A misdemeanor of stalking in violation of previous bail orders. She is alleged to have used her cell phone Friday to call the same victim in three of four of her previous arrests. She is being held on $5,000 cash bail.

Judge Daniel Cappiello cautioned Warren on April 28 when she was video arraigned in District Court that if she violated her bail she would be subject to immediate arrest.

From her page:

Issues: foreign policy / security; smart energy policy; good government / ethics; electoral reform; affordable health care; education


Favorite Quote: Live each day to the fullest...

Well, she's certainly doing that. And, she's not about to let some meddling judge and his silly, little bail conditions stand in the way.

...then you're able to look forward with anticipation, and back without regret! Favorite motto: It never hurts to ask!

Wouldn't have hurt to ask asked the judge to clarify just what he meant, exactly, by "immediate arrest".

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