Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Understanding The Massachusetts Mentality

A 12-Step Program

Step 1: Vote for any and all candidates with a (D) after their names.

Step 2: Feeeeeeeel good for being so "progressive".

Step 3: Watch the power of government expand, while your individual liberties and the people's right to live their lives as they see fit, free from burdensome governmental intrusion, dwindle away.

Step 4: Watch violent criminals and child molesters get released from prison early (if they're even incarcerated in the first place), while more laws get passed to penalize and make life more difficult for the law-abiding.

Step 5: Watch drug dealers peddling their wares in the open, while your Attorney General is busy issuing press releases vowing to prosecute small business owners who dare to sell cranberry sauce to their neighbors on Thanksgiving morning.

Step 6: Watch the cost of doing business in the private sector skyrocket, while the hacks feeding at the public trough keep on double-dipping into the taxpayer-subsidized pension system.

Step 7: Watch the elected leaders of the Commonwealth promise taxpayer-funded healthcare and college tuition to illegal aliens, while they dream up new and exciting ways to increase the tax burden on hard-working America citizens.

Step 8: Watch your cost of living go up, while your quality of life goes down.

Step 9: Pick up the Boston Globe and read yet another news story about the Commonwealth losing population.

Step 10: Clamp hands tightly over your ears and whine "What can we do to stop this?" as loud as you can.

Step 11: Blame __________ (insert Republican of your choice).

Step 12: Repeat, ad nauseum.