Sunday, June 01, 2008

But, Don't You Dare Call Them Cultists

Just because these people put up an on-line quiz that tells your child at what age he or she "should die" in order to avoid using more than his or her "fair share" of carbon-based natural resources, that's no reason to call them alarmists.

Just because they're telling your children that if they lead a lifestyle typical of the average person in their community, then they don't deserve to live to see their tenth birthday, that's no reason to call them a bunch of irrational extremists hell-bent on destroying western civilization in exchange for achieving their "No Rich People Allowed!" Utopian society.

Just because they inform your children...

"You can live forever!"

...if they answer every question in the "greenest" manner possible, that's no reason to hang the "Batshit Crazy" label on them.

They're only trying to "help".

Seriously, though, all that's missing are the purple "immortality" shrouds and the matching Nikes.