Friday, July 18, 2008

Happiness Is...

...gearing up and taking inventory for the 2nd (Not So) Annual Northeast Bloggershoot, getting all your ammo together, and finding four loaded stripper clips of 7.62x39mm after you thought you got it all.

Extra bonus happiness is finding two more unopened boxes (and a box of pistol ammo you forgot about), after that, on the floor of the gun cabinet, hiding behind the shotgun in the corner.

Panic, on the other hand, is finally getting all your shit together and realizing your 10/22 magazines are nowhere to be found. Hmmm...perhaps I stuck them in the bedside pistol safe.


Range bag? Underwear drawer? Bedside table? Closet shelf? Rifle case under the bed?

No, no, no, no, and no.

OK, last chance...the rifle case in the loft over the garage?


Happiness is finding your Ruger 10/22 magazines in the last place you could possibly think they might be, after having convinced yourself you were a dumbass and had left them on the bench the last time you were at the range.

OK...all set to go.

Now, does anyone in the area have an old car hood sitting around that I could "borrow"? I'll return it when we're done, albeit heavily perforated. I'm looking to do a side-by-side video comparison of a pump-action shotgun and a scary-looking "assault weapon", to see which one can put more holes in a car in ten seconds.

By all accounts (the gun controllers' fact-deprived accounts, that is), the "spray-firing bullet hose" should emerge victorious.


Yes, that's a rhetorical question.