Friday, July 11, 2008

Massachusetts-Style Justice

This is just sickening.

RAYNHAM, Mass. -- A 4-year-old boy was allegedly groped in the bathroom of a grocery store by an employee and the boy's father took the matter into his own hands, police said.

The boy's father attacked the perpetrator during the incident at the Market Basket in Raynham last month.

Police said that Valerio Rodriquez, 71, allegedly reached underneath a bathroom dividing wall and touched the boy high on his leg while he was standing on a bucket to used in the next urinal.

The boy's father, who was also in the bathroom during the incident, told police that he forced open the door and punched Rodriquez several times.

Police charged the boy's father with assault for hitting Rodriguez.

Oh, but don't worry. It gets worse.

One Raynham father is taking justice into his own hands, warning other parents this week about an alleged “predator” who he says groped his 4-year-old son in a supermarket bathroom last month.

Police said the suspect, an elderly janitor at Market Basket, allegedly reached under a bathroom stall partition and touched the boy’s calf while the child was standing on a bucket June 1.

The boy’s enraged father, who police said saw it happen, allegedly flung open the adjacent stall and punched the janitor, giving him a cut on his lip and a welt on the middle of his head.

The employee, Valerio Rodriguez, 71, of Providence, allegedly told police through a translator “that he was wrong for touching the little boy.”

Although Rodriguez faces a felony charge, the father, Jason R. Beatrice, 31, was reportedly horrified to see him still cleaning floors at Market Basket when he visited the store July 4.

“He was pushing a mop bucket smiling at children,” reads an anonymous flier, which police said Beatrice authored and distributed in Raynham.

A cut lip and a bump on the head? The father should have been given an award by the Chief of Police for showing such restraint and compassion.

This scumbag pedophile got off easy.

But, then again, we're talking about Massachusetts, the "Scumbag Got Off Easy State".

And, if it's true that he was still working in the store in the weeks following this incident, then shame on anyone who continues shopping there. I don't care what the price of gas is, I'd be more than happy driving the extra two miles to Tedeschi's to get my grocery shopping done.