Monday, July 07, 2008

Riddle For You

How can you tell when the man-made global warming movement and its braindead, leftist disciples have jumped the shark?

Hint: Floating 'Lilypad City' Could Help Climate-Change Refugees

Imagine what life would be like floating around the world on a giant island capable of holding 50,000 people and completely sustaining itself. Well, welcome to "Lilypad City."

Designed like a lily pad, the innovation by award-winning Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut could be used as a permanent refuge for those whose homes have been covered by water in the future, London's Daily Mail reported.

I don't know what to say.

Oh, wait...on second thought, I know exactly what to say.

I especially like this part.

A lake in the middle of the island will collect and then purify rain water, while power will be provided through a series of renewable energy sources including thermal, solar, wind energy, hydraulic and a tidal power station, the Mail reported.

Tidal power station??? On an island city that floats on top of the tides? Am I missing something here?