Monday, July 14, 2008

Yeah, That's the Problem!

MA Governor Deval Patrick: Our gun laws aren't discriminatory enough.

Governor Patrick Files Bill to Drastically Increase License Fees

On Sunday July, 13, 2008 Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick filed a special appropriations bill for fiscal year 2008. (As of the filing of this report, the bill had not yet received a number.) Within this bill sections 24 - 27 drastically increase certain firearm licenses.

Sections 24 & 25 attack lawfully licensed firearm dealers by increasing their license fees from $100 for three years to $250. Then it adds a $100 inspection fee in years two and three of the license. This tactic would now turn a $100 three year dealer's license into a $450 three year license.

Section 26 would increase a resident License to Carry fee from $100 for six years to $200 for six years.

Section 27 would increase a non-resident License to Carry fee from $100 for one year to $250 for one year.

"In light of the recent Supreme Court ruling, this new proposal from the Governor can only be viewed as an attempt to tax people out of their civil rights," said Jim Wallace Executive Director of GOAL. "With this new proposal, the Governor continues to demonstrate his willingness to attack lawful gun owners while doing nothing to reduce violent crime. The highest court in the nation has ruled that citizens have an individual right to possess a firearm and now our Governor is trying to tax us out of that right!"

GOAL is urgently requesting that our members contact their local representatives and senators immediately and ask them to make sure this ridiculous tax on our rights does not pass into law.

Keep in mind, despite the verbiage above, this is not about obtaining a license to carry a concealed weapon, per se. This is a license to OWN a gun. If this law passes, it will cost the citizens of Massachusetts $200 to ask permission of the State to exercise their Constitutionally-protected right to keep a handgun in their homes.

If the applicant is denied (something the Chief of Police in his or her town can do for pretty much any reason he can dream up), the state gets to keep the 200 bucks.

Hey, those bodybuilding competition entry fees aren't going to pay themselves, you know.

Also, this bill would require a person from out-of-state to pay $250 a year for the ability to lawfully carry pepper spray or even possess one empty shell casing in Massachusetts. Got a job that's gonna have you commuting into Massachusetts for the next four years? Want to carry pepper spray while you're there?

That'll be $1,000 in licensing fees to carry a $10 can of pepper spray.

"Common sense".

And, because it bears repeating, don't forget that the people behind these outrageous fee hikes are the same "progressives" who will brand you a fascist if you suggest that people should be required to show a photo ID in order to cast a vote.

"What? That's the equivalent of a poll tax. You can't charge people to exercise a Constitutional right! That's racist! We must respect the rights of the poor!"

Sanctimonious, self-righteous pricks.