Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nope. Nothing To See Here. Move Along.

Election officials in Indiana reviewing ACORN-submitted voter registration forms stopped after determining that, of the first 2,100 forms they looked at, EVERY SINGLE ONE was fraudulent.

CNN's Drew Griffin: So that's obvious fraud.

No shit.

The questions lots of folks are asking is where is the Department of Justice on this? Where is the rest of the mainstream media? Why does no one seem to care too much?

This is like some unknown, 170-pound shortstop from some unheard of Division III school, getting drafted by the Yankees, bulking up to 240-pounds over the winter, and starting his rookie season by hitting a home run in each of his first 26 at-bats.

Nope. Nothing suspicious going on here.

The truly pathetic part in all of this being that there were hours and hours congressional hearings over steroid use in Major League Baseball, and it was front-page news for months on end.

Here we have a major, concerted effort to undermine the very process by which our Republic is shaped, and there's a veritable symphony of crickets coming from the DNC's Public Relations Office press.

Can we question their patriotism now?