Monday, October 20, 2008

Nope, Nothing to See Here

It's not that the MSM doesn't want to cover this story coming out of New Mexico about McCain's campaign bus taking rifle fire.

They do. And, they'll get to it, eventually.

But right now, they're busy working up a story from an anonymous source in Ohio telling them Joe the Plumber DOESN'T RECYCLE!!!!1!!!1

File this one under: Asking the obvious

Could you imagine the media hysteria if a shot was taken at an Obama campaign bus? Forget saturation coverage. Every show on every network would be interrupted and we'd be undergoing a media orgy over the climate of hate.

But, don't you dare call them biased.

UPDATE: I'm still looking for verification of this story. If anyone finds a link, kindly post it in the comments. If this report is accurate, there's no way that there weren't any pictures taken that could easily corroborate the story.

UPDATE II: As far as verification of this story is concerned, while it would be nice to get some photos or eyewitness reports to verify this story, don't forget that all it took was a blog post from some lefty fruitbat to get the Obamastream Media to start churning out their "Some people are saying (wink,wink)..." stories regarding the "Trig Palin is Bristol's baby" smear.

Seeing how this story goes against Das Narrative, it will likely never see the light of day, even if it gets backed up by seven independent sources and multiple state and local law enforcement officials.

UPDATE III: I'm filing this one under "I'll believe it when I see it".

No way this news could stay quiet for this long, given how many people must have had access to the bus with some kind of camera on them to photograph the damage and a cell phone to - oh, I don't know - call someone to talk about what happened.

I do stand by the original post title, though.

No alteration necessary.