Saturday, November 29, 2008

'Tis the Season

As has become our family tradition of late, we went out this weekend to kick off the Christmas season by cutting down the tree we tagged earlier this month at Ridge's End Tree Farm in Deerfield.

If you haven't figured out yet where to get your tree, and you're in the area, I can't recommend them highly enough. The hardest part is choosing from the hundreds of perfectly shaped trees growing there.

In the shed, there's complimentary coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and cookies for the kids (of all ages).


You could go to the gas station on the corner, pay some malodorous derelict $40 for a tree that was cut down in Quebec twelve days ago and has been sitting in his lot ever since, turning into a pine-scented, needle-shedding apparatus with a kindling point two degrees hotter than where you set your thermostat.

So, anyway, after wrestling with the tangled-up light strands (and a giant mug of mulled cider and Myers's Dark Rum - for medicinal purposes), the tree's up and it looks great, which brings us to today's poll question:

How many Christmas tree ornaments do you have with guns on them?
1 or 2.
3 or more.
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Here's mine.

And, in the spirit of "Hopenchange for the Holidays", I will not be making my annual snarky comment about Jay'"totally awesome" Star Trek ornaments.