Wednesday, December 31, 2008

For Those Of You Keeping Score at Home

If you're a Massachusetts resident whose only crime against humanity is a 20-year-old drunk driving conviction, you are still prohibited from owning a handgun in the Commonwealth.

If, on the other hand, you used an illegally-obtained handgun 20 years ago to rape a child at gunpoint or to murder someone, you may soon be eligible for a comfy state job (and the numerous benefits that come with it) in the People's Progressive Republic.

That is, if Governor Deval "Together We Can (Make Up Bullshit, Six-Figure Jobs For Our Friends and Campaign Donors, While Threatening to Lay Off Teachers and Firefighters, In Order To Scare the Flock Into Accepting a Seven-Dollar Toll on the Airport Tunnels)" Patrick has his way.

Boston - Individuals convicted of rape, kidnapping, murder, and other serious violent crimes would no longer be automatically disqualified for life from jobs at state health and human services agencies, under regulations proposed by the Patrick administration.

Rather than a lifetime disqualification, offenders who commit such crimes would be banned for 10 years from employment, and, barring additional convictions, would be eligible to apply. Under current rules, people who commit violent offenses are presumed to be disqualified for life, but could be hired following a review by the commissioner of the agency in which the applicant is seeking work.

Well, he did promise to bring about "change".