Monday, December 29, 2008

Reason #17,929...

Hey, Governor Patrick, how's that campaign promise to fight gang violence by putting more cops on the streets coming along?

Let's review.

As Mayor Thomas M. Menino eyes ambitious plans to revitalize Downtown Crossing, cops on the ground say they’re seeing more gangbangers gravitate toward the hapless tourist and shopping haven, where a brazen daylight shooting sent tourists and shoppers ducking for cover Friday afternoon.

As Gov. Deval Patrick grapples with layoffs and budget deficits, he has hired a close neighbor in Milton to be the state’s $120,000 director of real estate services, the Herald has learned.

Attorney and real-estate consultant Dana Harrell, 60, a frequent contributor to Patrick’s campaign coffers, was introduced Oct. 27, less than two weeks after Patrick announced 1,000 jobs would be lost to the state’s $1.4 billion budget crunch.

Breathe in the Hopenchange.

Hold for 10-20 seconds.