Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Congratulations, Democrats

This shameless, pork-laden, trillion-dollar act of larceny is all yours now.

With no Republican support, the House approved an $819 billion stimulus plan that will serve as the cornerstone of President Obama's efforts to resuscitate the economy, an early victory for the new president but still a disappointment because of the lack of Republican votes.

May it hang you all.

The measure passed 244 to 188, with 11 Democrats and 177 Republicans voting against it.

Republicans acting like common sense, fiscal conservatives.

How's THAT for a refreshing change?

I gotta find the roll call to see who the soon-to-be-branded "racists" are who defected from the other side of the aisle. I'm curious to see if Carol Che-Porter (D-NH) is on that list of eleven. She and Paul Hodes did vote against the $700 Wall Street bailout package last fall. Though, they both have a taste for pork.

UPDATE: OK, so that proved to be a little bit of wishful thinking on my part. Their love of taxpayer-fleecing pork-barrel bullshit won out in the end. Funny, how the principles of the unprincipled suddenly shift once it's their guy sitting in the big chair.

Obligatory follow-up question:

Who's going to run in 2010 to send these two packing?

If you can't run a successful campaign against someone who just voted in favor of the greatest taxpayer ass-reaming and special interest boondoggle in the history of our Republic, you got no business stepping into the ring.

Don't make me do it myself.