Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Quick Question

When these so-called tobacco prevention programs "succeed" in (a) getting people to quit smoking and (b) stopping young people from picking up the habit, and the tax dollars dry up, what will they tax next to make up for the loss of revenue, to which they will have become incurably addicted?

Group Pushes For NH Cigarette Tax Hike

Several public health groups want New Hampshire to hike its cigarette tax to help pay for anti-smoking programs.

The groups favor a $1 increase, with a portion dedicated to tobacco prevention programming. The groups said spending money to help smokers quit or steer children away from smoking would save much more than already is spent on smoking-related diseases.

Becuase, there WILL BE a "next".

There always is.

Unless, of course, they really couldn't care less if these programs succeed or not, just so long as they get their hands on the money.

But, hey, as long as it's FOR THE CHILDRENTM, right?

You're not (gasp!) ANTI-CHILD, are you???

Of course, this is exact same line of bullshit they used to push last year's proposed tax hike on all tobacco products other than cigarettes and the failed (thank God!) beverage container tax.

I'll say again what I said back then.

Behold, the biggest load of crap ever to be smeared over the eyes of a public all to willing to lap this shit up - this "promise" that a small tax of X percent is needed to fund program Z, a program which, without fail will be geared toward helping The ChildrenTM, feeding homeless kittens, saving the planet from a fiery death, or whatever the PC cause celebre du jour happens to be at the time.

After a year's time (well beyond the memory capacity of the average voter) that X percent tax will become X+Y percent, and when the voters are told that this tax increase will be needed to offset budget shortfalls brought on by Programs A, B, and C, no one will so much as bat an eye.

And, why should they? None of them will even remember what Program Z was in the first place.

Expanding, to no foreseeable end, the wealth and power of government.