Monday, February 09, 2009

CALL TO ACTION!!! [UPDATE: ...or not]

The public hearing for NH House Bill 583 will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, February 10th at 2:30 in the afternoon, in Room 202 of the Legislative Office Building (behind the State House).

This one's extra-toxic, and must not be allowed to crawl out of that hearing room alive. You don't need to testify, just showing up, if you can, and signing the "blue sheet" will help.


AN ACT establishing an income tax to adequately fund public education and relative to employment of teachers.

SPONSORS: Rep. Burridge, Ches 3

COMMITTEE: Ways and Means


This bill establishes an income tax at the rate of 5 percent to adequately fund public education. The bill requires public school teachers in this state to become state employees, beginning in fiscal year 2012. The bill also requires applicants for state licenses and registrations to be current with their state income taxes.

The bill also repeals the interests and dividends tax.

UPDATE: I just heard from someone more in the know than myself that the bill is DOA.

Good news. Now if we can kill that pork-laden monster sliming its way across the nation's capitol as we speak.