Wednesday, February 18, 2009

From the NLB Unabridged Dictionary

asshope (noun): any asshole whose career goals include cashing in on Barack Obama's oligarchic revolution of big-government, America-raping HopenchangeTM. (e.g. Bill Press)

I know why I'm interested in [the Fairness Doctrine] because I get up every morning at 3:45, I do three hours of talk radio every day from six to nine, that's my life, it's my business, I want to make money at it, and I want to be heard.

Link via Rob at Say Anything who adds:

You know, I’d like to make a living oiling up bikini models, but I’m not going to ask the government to implement a law requiring modeling agencies to fill a certain number of oil-boy jobs with hefty, bearded part-time bloggers.