Thursday, February 05, 2009

Public Hearing on HCR-6 AAR

Just getting in from my trip to Concord, where I attended and videotaped the public hearing on NH House Concurrent Resolution 6, previously blogged here.

As was expected, the public turnout for the hearing was larger than the capacity of the hearing room. The hearing was recessed after an hour of testimony, due to the number of people who signed up to address the committee, and a conflict with a smaller hearing scheduled for 2:00.

I will post the video of the first hour's worth of testimony later tonight when I have a chance. Of the sixteen people (if my math adds up) who testified this afternoon - this number doesn't count the two who spoke who were sponsors of the resolution - all spoke in favor of passing HCR-6.

I look forward to taking apart some of the misleading or poorly reported news accounts of this hearing, which I predict are on the way.

I'll have more later.

As you were.