Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Typical Kneejerk Reaction

As in, my reaction to this story was a sudden desire to find the person who made the call and knee the jerk in the crotch.

PELHAM MANOR - Someone at the Pelham Public Library tattled on a teen researching gun carry and concealment laws, which led to the 11th-grader being called into the high school assistant principal's office and being interviewed by police, police said.


Pelham Manor police Detective Ken Campion said the teen was doing research on gun carry and concealment laws, not on how to conceal a gun.

The name of the book could not be verified and neither the student nor his family would comment.

There was not anything to be worried about with regard to the teen, Campion said after interviewing him Tuesday. He did not break any laws.

No shit.

Editor's Note: This was Pelham, New York, not Pelham, New Hampshire.

Big difference.

Though, I do recall one Pelham (NH) resident who could use a little refresher course on proper concealment techniques.

(link via 'jdubois' @ NES Forum)