Saturday, July 11, 2009

Boston Fire Chief: Blame Game Fail

A tragic story out of Boston:

A 5-year-old girl suffered serious burns Friday evening when her dress caught fire while she was making smores in a fire pit, Boston fire officials said.

The incident happened at a home on Bradford Street. Fire officials said as the girl was making smores in the pit, someone used an igniting fluid to accelerate the fire, which caught the girl's dress on fire.

Seems like a pretty open and shut case to me. Not a whole lot of investigative work required to determine who's at fault here. No degree in forensic science needed to the guilty party.

But, here's Boston Fire Chief Chief Quentin Lee, sharing with us his words of wisdom about what went wrong last night on Bradford Street.

"The child was too close to the fire."

Yeah, like it had nothing to do with the asshole who sprayed lighter fluid on a lit fire in the immediate vicinity of a small child. It's obviously the girl's fault for standing to close to the fire she was using to make smores. She should have been using one of those Massachusetts-compliant, 25-foot marshmallow sticks.

But, the chief's just getting warmed up.

"This is an illegal fire pit that we don't allow in the city of Boston."

Again, nothing to do with the raging asshole who sprayed lighter fluid on a lit fire right in front of a small child. The fault here clearly lies with the person who bought the "illegal fire pit".

But wait, there's more.

"And it was uncovered. Had it been covered, it probably would have protected the child."

Yeah, it would have protected the child from experiencing the pleasure of making smores. God forbid we should allow children in Boston to have fun doing what millions of kids do every year without incident.

And, again, no mention of the asshole who...

Screw it. Why do I even bother?