Friday, July 03, 2009

Calling This One Was Like Predicting Nightfall

Who could possibly have foreseen this?

Massachusetts state officials released study results that found consumers saved more than $270 million in premiums during the first year of the managed competition model for auto insurance, which started in April 2008.

I mean, other than those of us with functional, non-defective brains in our cranial cavities.

Flashback - November 2005:

Gov. Mitt Romney and Attorney General Tom Reilly sparred over auto insurance on Tuesday, with Reilly saying the governor's reform plan would create chaos for drivers...


"If that bill which has been proposed by the governor goes into effect, all hell will break loose in this state," Reilly said at a morning news conference.

From the Unabridged Hackachusetts Dictionary:

chaos (noun): the condition that results from private citizens being allowed to keep more of their hard-earned money, making it harder for politicians to funnel it through the system and back into their re-election coffers and the pockets of their campaign donors. (see also: all hell breaking loose)

And, because it's simply a f***ing awesome screenshot: