Thursday, August 06, 2009

Good F***ing Question

Say Anything: Why Should We Trust Government?

To that post, I would add:

We were told the stimulus package would prevent unemployment from hitting eight percent. It didn't.

We were told our newly-elected president would put an end to wasteful pork-barrel spending. He hasn't.

We were told we would not see an increase in "any" of our taxes from this new administration. We did.

We were told there would be no more lobbyists working in the President's inner circle. There are.

We were told that January 2009 would mark the end to partisan "politics as usual". It didn't.

On what basis should we take these people at their word when they try to tell us all the wonderful things that will happen once the government takes over the country's health care industry?

"You can trust us. And, this time, we mean it."

Color me skeptical.