Friday, March 26, 2010

Step 2: Apply Shocked Face - UPDATED

Step 1: Read about New Hampshire State Representative Nick Levasseur posting stupid and offensive shit on the internet.

I know.

I'm shocked too.

Here's a little background information for those not in the know. This habit of proving one's self an idiot by posting stupid crap online is nothing new for Levasseur.

Back in February of ‘08, while learning of Levasseur's epic ignorance on the use of firearms and the concept of self-reliance, we found out via his profile that his interests include:

Medicine, biology, mathematics, anything that doesn’t involve Organic Chemistry, cars that don’t begin with “Ford” and end with “Aspire”, HBO series, Bill Mahar, politics, the hunting of neo-conservative Reaganites (a shooting sport brought to you by the republican party in more ways than one!), sleeping (it is sad when necessary life takes become occational hobbies).

And, much like his “progressive”, hoplophobic counterparts in Washington, D.C., Levasseur is quite skilled at playing the “These evil Republicans are threatening me!” card.

Bonus Money Quote - Obamacare Edition:

From May of ‘08, here’s how he felt about the idea of forcing individuals to purchase health insurance against their will, which I’m sure is now perfectly OK with him, now that his Savior President has taken this very path.

[Student Government Association] President Nickolas Levasseur said the association loudly opposed the university’s requiring students without health care coverage to buy $1,400-a-year policies through the school.

You can't make this shit up.

UPDATE: Smile, Nick! You're on Candid Camera Channel 9 news.