Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Good Deed For the Day

I bought my neighbor some ammo today.

Of course, I plan on helping him dispose of it in the (hopefully) near future. He's got his father's old Marlin Levermatic Model 57M (.22 Magnum) that is in dire need of some range time (after a little cleaning session).

Nineteen-fifty-nine was a busy time for the Levermatic lineup. In addition to the 56 DL, Marlin also introduced two tubular-magazine short-stroke lever rifles. The Model 57 was chambered for .22 Short, Long or Long Rifle, and the Model 57M was made for the new .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire (.22WMR) cartridge. After Winchester announced the .22 Magnum cartridge in 1959, Marlin required only a slight redesign of the basic Levermatic mechanism to adapt it to the new rimfire cartridge. Thus, Marlin was able to beat Winchester into production. Winchester did not market a rifle to shoot their new cartridge until 1960.


The Model 57 rifles were introduced with curved aluminum receivers, but in 1960, Marlin reportedly reverted back to the squared steel receivers for the Levermatic rifles. The tubular-magazine variants of the Levermatic were more popular than the original box-magazine version. A total of 34,628 Model 57s (1959-1965) were made, while the even more popular 57M, in .22 Magnum (1959-1969) sold 66,889 rifles.

I'll have pics up when I get them. A quick visual inspection of the rifle shows a gun that's been very well cared for over the decades. I'm looking forward to punching some holes with her.