Monday, July 25, 2005

I'll Bring the S'Mores

All I have to say here is, once again, you just can't make this stuff up. And, yes, be warned. The Drink Advisory is in full effect.

Pastor taking it to the streets

Vowing to take back Codman Square, a Dorchester pastor plans to live in the neighborhood for a week - camping out in the street if necessary.


Wall will host a public meeting tomorrow and plans to occupy Lyndhurst Street for a week beginning Sunday.


Lyndhurst Street was the scene of a Fourth of July party that turned violent when gunmen opened fire, wounding four and killing one. On nearby Fuller Street, a young man was shot and killed on June 16.

Here's the money quote. Please swallow all beverages before reading any further, lest your keyboard should suffer a premature death by drowning.

"If I can get the mayor or city councilors or some state reps who would be willing to come and live with some of us, that would be phenomenal," he said.

"Phenomenal"? Try "friggin' delusional"!

While I admire the pastor's intentions here, he's got a major screw loose if he thinks Mayor Menino is gonna drag out the old Coleman sleeping bag and camp out in the 'hood with him. Hell, anyone who thinks Menino even OWNS a sleeping bag is living in some kind of alternate, hallucinogen-based reality.

Does anyone think Mumbles honestly gives a flying fuck about the shootings taking place in these neighborhoods on a near-daily basis? If he did, he might actually consider taking steps to allow the people of Roxbury, Mattapan, and Dorchester to defend themselves against the violent thugs who have taken over that sizeable chunk of the city.

Instead, he's thrown his (considerable) weight behind every feel-good, do-nothing gun control measure to come down the Pike, the end results of which (obvious to anyone with two functional brain cells in their heads) have been the disarming of the law-abiding citizenry and the empowering of the already-well-armed crackhead, carjacker, and rapist populations.

Besides, in his mind, he's already got all the minority votes from these neighborhoods counted in his column for the upcoming mayoral election in November. Do you honestly think he'd risk getting his fat ass shot at for something that he already considers his?

Wake up, Padre.