Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Menino's Gun Shop - Part II

So, Menino's gun buyback program has a name: Aim For Peace

Awwwww... now, doesn't that make you feeeeeeel good?

Seriously, how pathetically Menino-esque can you get?

The specifics:

Mayor Tom Menino announced that anybody who turns in a gun between June 12th and July 14th would receive a $200 gift certificate to Target. Guns can be turned in anonymously at Boston police stations and other locations in the city (see below) between the hours of noon and 7 p.m. The mayor vows a "no questions asked" policy.

Should go nicely with the city's current "No Crimes Solved" and "No Criminals Punished" policies.

The city issued strict rules for turning in a firearm. Guns must be delivered unloaded, in a clear plastic bag and an additional container such as a gym bag. Authorities warn, if the gun is being transported by car, it must be in the trunk. Guns will be inspected to make sure they are real guns, before gift certificates will be handed over.

So, non-working guns will be accepted, just so long as they're "real guns"? Yeah, that'll cut down on the number of shootings in the city.

And, before anyone heads out to load up on inexpensive, used shotguns and rifles to cash in on this, as I had previously suggested...

The city will accept rifles and shotguns in addition to handguns, though no gift certificates will be handed out.

I guess I'll need to update my sign accordingly:

Are you the legal owner of the
gun you're turning in today?

Think that handgun might be worth more
than $200? Let me make you an offer.

Working rifles and shotguns: $20 CASH!