Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bricking the Dead Horse

Here's a hypothetical scenario for you.

A 46-year-old woman from Charlestown goes down to BPD headquarters and asks to apply for a license to carry a concealed firearm. When asked for a reason why she wishes to do so (as if simply wanting the ability to save one's life isn't good enough), she explains that she lives in a rough neighborhood and is often outside alone gardening in the evening.

She then tells the licensing officer that there are several Latino men in the area who make her uncomfortable. She feels threatened by their being in the neighborhood, and would like to be able to defend herself should they ever approach her with the intent to do her harm.

What do you suppose would be the response she'd get from the Boston Police Department? Hint: It would go something like this.

"Sorry, that's not a valid reason for wanting to carry a gun. Just because they're a bunch of young Latino men dressed like gangbangers, doesn't mean they're out to do you harm. You're just being paranoid."

Uh huh.

Charlestown Resident Attacked While Gardening

Police in District 15 are investigating an incident that occurred last night at about 6:30 in the garden area of Terminal and Medford Streets. According to witnesses and the 46-year-old female victim, a group of six to eight Hispanic males struck the victim multiple times with a brick. The suspects were observed fleeing toward the Bunker Hill Projects. The victim was transported to the Massachusetts General Hospital where she was treated for facial injuries.

Of course, this being the liberal la-la land that it is, it's more likely that she was dutifully paying attention all this time to Mayor Menino's numerous speeches about how safe the city is, and about how all this "common sense" gun control is really helping to curb the problem of violent gangs in these neighborhoods.

She also likely bought into the great lie of "You don't need a gun to protect yourself.", and this fabulous piece of advice so popular with members of the Dianne Feinstein Admiration Society, "Just give your assailants what they want."

Well, based on the BPD account of this incident, it seems that the "what they wanted" was to hit her multiple times in the face with a brick. Yeah, sounds reasonable to me.

Yet, by his own actions and through the policies of his administration, our compassionate Mayor (and the rest of the usual suspects - Barrios, Kennedy, etc.) has demonstrated time and time again, that he would rather have an innocent woman in this city beaten in the face with a brick, than see a couple dead scumbag criminals with baggy, urine-soaked jeans on the ground at her feet.

But, hey, at least they couldn't get their hands on a plastic slingshot from Toys 'R' Us, and bounce a couple ping pong balls off her head. She might have gotten hurt.