Monday, August 07, 2006

Gun Control Success Stories - West Coast Edition

Nothing terribly new here, just more of the same, really.

Bands of gun-wielding thugs systematically targeting large concentrated groups of disarmed sheep for fun and profit. Though, this one does come with a somewhat refreshing twist, courtesy of the top brass at the LAPD and other unnamed city officials...

...tougher mask legislation!

A Sherman Oaks restaurant was robbed at gunpoint in what has become a familiar story in the San Fernando Valley.

Two men armed with handguns entered the Valley Inn Restaurant at 4557 Sherman Oaks Ave. near Ventura Boulevard at 9:20 Wednesday, according to Lt. Patricia Blake of the Los Angeles Police Department's West Valley Station.

The men stole an undisclosed amount of money from the register and then about $200 from one of the restaurant's customers before fleeing, Blake said.

Several customers were in the restaurant, but no one was injured, Blake said.

About 200 restaurants in the San Fernando Valley have been robbed in the last two years.

Free money, high success rate, low risk of injury or apprehension. Why should they be expected to stop anytime soon ever?

Many of those robberies involved perpetrators who wore masks, prompting police Chief William Bratton and other city officials to support state legislation that would add two extra years of prison time for robbers who wear masks.

Ooooooh...that'll have 'em giving up their lives of crime and signing up to volunteer in the local soup kitchens in droves! Problem solved! Thanks, Chief. Why didn't we think of that before?

(insert additional sardonically-phrased comments here, expressing how utterly fucking retarded these people are, and how much I sincerely wish I was making this shit up)

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