Tuesday, October 31, 2006

There's Something About a Pork Chop

This just showed up in my e-mail inbox, as part of some bogus stock pitch spam. This is just too much insightful advice for me to keep to myself, so I feel compelled to now share it with the rest of you.

A vacuum cleaner brainwashes a stovepipe near a particle accelerator, because the insurance agent is a big fan of the vacuum cleaner beyond a vacuum cleaner. An anomaly brainwashes a feline nation. A Eurasian avocado pit satiates the diskette of the line dancer. Furthermore, a cargo bay inside a grand piano feels nagging remorse, and a turkey around a bottle of beer operates a small fruit stand with an umbrella for a globule. When you see a cosmopolitan cowboy, it means that the diskette earns frequent flier miles. Indeed, another optimal power drill hardly pours freezing cold water on another tuba player. A girl scout buys an expensive gift for an earring. Any roller coaster can have a change of heart about a cargo bay about a briar patch, but it takes a real paycheck to wisely graduate from the seldom precise fighter pilot. A fractured briar patch beams with joy, and another knowingly statesmanlike tomato hesitates; however, the underhanded! ly elusive photon makes love to the sheriff about a pork chop.

Our upgraded model now offers synchronised strategic alignment.

Only geeks stuck in the 90s still go for balanced strategic innovation.

They Might Be Giants could have a hit song with this stuff.