Monday, January 01, 2007

Not Wasting Any Time

Our first nomination for "Worst Headline of the Year - 2007" is in.

New Law Requires Black Box Recorders In N.H. Cars

Come again?

(CBS4) CONCORD, N.H. - Anyone who buys or leases a new car in New Hampshire now must be told whether their vehicles are equipped with event data recorders, also known as "black boxes."

The new law goes into effect Monday.

It's only off by a margin of roughly 100% - close enough for CBS/AP "standards", I suppose.

Nationally, automakers have until 2011 to disclose whether a vehicle includes the device, but in New Hampshire, the owner's manual of any new vehicles sold or leased in the state must disclose whether the devices are installed starting January 1, 2007.

Something tells me legislation similar to this won't be a top priority of the Massachusetts General Court for 2007 - not with all the gun laws and illegal alien handouts they've got waiting in the wings.