Friday, February 09, 2007

Badges and Babes

One more "South of the Wire" post before I sign off for the weekend.


Authorities seek creator of fake Lawrence Police Department Web site

LAWRENCE, Mass. -- Police in Lawrence are asking for a subpoena against to get to the bottom of a crime online.

Authorities hope to discover who is responsible for "The Unofficial 'Official' Home of the LAWPD" Web site link found on the Lawrence department's profile.

The posted page features provocatively clad policewomen, profane language and raunchy romance advertisements.


Lawrence Police Officers Fired For Racy Web Site

Two auxiliary officers in the Lawrence Police Department were fired for creating a web page which contained the official department emblem along with photos of scantily clad women and obscene language.


Now, I know what you're saying. What good is a story about cops putting up web pages with pictures of scantily-clad women on them, if the web pages in question are taken off-line by the time the story goes public?

Well, who said anything about the whole site being taken down? As far as I can tell, it was just the front page that got pulled (cached version here, thank you Google).

As of this afternoon, what appears to be an individual's profile page, within the website in question, is still available online.

And, here's the cached version of that page, for when it gets taken down as well.

WARNING: Pages linked above may contain several images of beautiful, scantily clad women.

There, that'll stop 'em.

Have a good weekend, kids.