Monday, June 25, 2007

Gun Control...

Because the right of an armed scumbag to shoot your pregnant wife in the belly and rob you of your hard-earned money is more sacred than your right to prevent him from doing so.

A suspected would-be robber found himself fighting for his life while another remained at-large Saturday night after a convenience store clerk fired at the men, Metro police said.

A white New York Yankees cap [Figures. - ed.] lay on the sidewalk outside the door of Tienda La Paz, 819 Main Street, as police investigated the scene where two men had entered with a rifle around 7:15 p.m., according to Capt. Rich Foley.

Upon seeing the men, the store clerk, whose name was not released, fired at them with a handgun, critically wounding one man in the upper body, Foley said.

An immigrant, hard at work trying to achieve the American dream, successfully defends the lives of his wife and unborn child, and removes a violent criminal from society, by use of a handgun, without any help from the government.

Let's play "Count the number of things in that sentence that really piss off Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton".

(link via Zendo Deb @ TFS Magnum)