Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Unsurprisingly, the UN Considers This Bad News

UN warns of 'armed' Darfur camps

The UN's emergency relief co-ordinator, John Holmes, has described the refugee camps in Darfur as militarised.

Mr Holmes told the BBC that some of the 1.2 million refugees are impatient, politicised, and armed.

I didn't think I sold that many stickers.

He said having thousands of disaffected men cooped up in camps in which weapons were available, was dangerous.

As opposed to the safe and happy land of buttercups, roses, and fluffy kittens. in which they were living before picking up a few AK-47's of their own.

He believes the situation in the camps is bound to lead to clashes, and reflects the fact that there is no peace settlement in place for Darfur.

Oh, no! Not "clashes"!

As if the one-sided slaughter of unarmed civilians is somehow a more favorable outcome. God forbid, the people being raped, beaten, and murdered on a daily basis were to actually want to fight back for a change.

That is SO not very "progressive" of them.

They should lay down their arms at once and wait for the UN to come save them. It won't be long now. I hear they've nearly come to terms with what shape the table will be at their next round of "peace settlement" talks.