Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Flailing Miserably

It's pretty obvious (to anyone with a brain larger than an avocado) why so many people are buying into the notion that Rush Limbaugh was bad-mouthing our men and women in uniform overseas, when he referred to a handful of phony soldiers as, well, "phony soldiers".

The major media outlets in this country never felt it was that important to report on those stories. They must have been too busy polishing up their latest Hillary and Obama puff pieces at the time.

Knowledge (amongst the masses) is power.

Lack of knowledge is the left's ticket to power.

Seriously, you have to borderline retarded to believe that Rush Limbaugh would slander the men and women of the American Armed Forces in such a manner. He's done and said some pretty off-the-wall shit in his time, with which I've vehemently disagreed, but this is not such an instance.

As for Harry Reid and his dingbat friends asking Congress to pass a resolution condemning the misquoted words of a radio personality (just as much an entertainer as a Barbra Streisand or a Sean Penn), they couldn't have come across as a bigger bunch of wankers had they all been blasted by the Karl Rove mind control ray gun (pat. pending) and turned into a bunch of marionettes in some VWRC puppet show.

If the Democrats' hopes in '08 rest on this tactic of trying to smear and discredit conservative talk show hosts, I have but three words (one hyphenated) left to say on this matter.

Congratulations, President-elect Thompson.

That's pretty much all I have to say on this non-story.