Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Like Friggin' Clockwork

I was listening to Tom Finneran on WRKO this morning. He was on with his co-host, Massachusetts State Representative Rachel Kaprielian, discussing the decision by a middle school up in Maine to start dispensing birth control to students as young as 11, without requiring parental notification.

Therefore, under the new measure, if children were to receive birth control prescriptions and didn't want to tell parents, they would not be required to do so and neither would school health officials.

Most middle school children are aged 11-13.

A caller gets on the air and makes the point that these "progressive" "educators" have no problem putting 11-year-olds on the pill without telling their parents, but they'd be appalled if anyone suggested we get our schools to teach our young people about firearms safety with parental notification.

Sure enough, that set off Kaprielian's liberal ding-dong panic button.

"WHAT??? You can't put a GUN in a KID'S hands!!!"

Sand, head, some assembly required.

That is one seriously ignorant twit.

Now, as someone who's been highly critical of Finneran's show in the past [though, the show is showing some signs of improvement], I gotta say he was balls-on this morning on this issue.

What I wanna know is, why isn't the focus on finding the people who are raping our 11-year-old daughters and holding them accountable for their actions?

That's the thing about no-brainers. There are simply too many brainless people out there.