Sunday, December 30, 2007

Gettin' My Wang Chung On

Just putting the finishing touches on the ripped and bleached jeans I'll be wearing to the 80's theme New Year's Eve party we'll be going to tomorrow night. I can't believe I ever threw away my skinny black leather tie.

What was I thinking?

Any other suggestions as to what I could wear? Had I planned way ahead, I could have been rocking the mullet by now, but that ain't happening.

My 1984 Rush concert t-shirt will be making an appearance, with the collar turned up on whatever I wear over it. I guess I could pick up some Wayfarers knock-offs at Wal-mart to round out the outfit.


UPDATE: Six hours to go, and I think I've got the "ensemble" all set to go.

Scored a sweet Def Leppard t-shirt at Wal-Mart today for $7 and change. The funny part is, it's exactly the shirt I was hoping to find - an exact replica of the Def Leppard t-shirt I won 24 years ago at the Cumberland Fair (black t-shirt with the Pyromania album cover on it).


Though, the Journey and AC/DC shirts were pretty tempting.

And, because anything worth doing is worth doing to excess, I added quite a few more rips to the Whamtastic pants. Now, add the studded belt, four-dollar biker wallet, blue bandanna, and a pair of well-worn shitkickers.

Pour some sugar on that, bitches.

UPDATE II: In case you missed it the last time around...

Yeah, baby!

UPDATE III: From Whamtastic to craptacular, here's one that cranks the Mullet Quotient (MQ) way past 11.