Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This Just In!

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is a hypocritical fraud.

Governor Deval Patrick has set up a novel political fund-raising system that allows him to skirt the state's campaign finance law by channeling big contributions through the state Democratic Party, which, in turn, has paid off hundreds of thousands of dollars of the governor's political expenses.

Under the unique arrangement, Patrick, who ran for election sharply criticizing the "politics of money and connections," is raising contributions far in excess of the individual limit of $500 for a political candidate. Now, in many cases he is getting as much as $5,500 from individual lobbyists, corporate executives, developers, and other supporters.

"Can we launder money?"

"Together we can!"

If this story is in any way surprising to you, you are an idiot. Then again, you also probably voted for that empty-suited jackass. 'Nuff said.

Liz Morningstar, executive director of the Deval Patrick Committee, in a statement released by the campaign, did not respond to questions about the apparent circumvention of the state's $500 limit on individual campaign contributions. She said the fund-raising system is one of several tools at Patrick's disposal "to strengthen and grow the Democratic Party in Massachusetts."

Yeah, that's always been a big problem for Massachusetts, how to give the struggling Democratic Party a more solid foothold in the Commonwealth's political power structure.

That would be laughable if it weren't so...

Wait a minute. What the bloody hell do I care?

That's hysterical, man!