Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Your Presence is Requested

UPDATE: Turns out I won't be able to make it up to Concord on Wednesday morning, maybe later in the day to see how things are going. If someone could e-mail me the outcome of the HB1354 vote, I'd greatly appreciate it.

From the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance (via e-mail):

Wednesday, March 5th: Lots of Important Bills Being Voted on in the House

When: 8:30 AM sharp, Wednesday, March 5th
Where: State House cafeteria, Concord
Why: Income tax. Gun rights. Parental rights. Local control of education. Marijuana decriminalization. Medical privacy. Redress of Grievances. Public access to legislative amendments. And much more....

See anything in the list above that you feel strongly about? Maybe... more than one?!

If so, come join us! We'll meet in the State House cafeteria at 8:30 AM sharp -- we need to catch the legislators before they enter the voting chamber. We'll hand out our voting recommendations, also known as "The Gold Standard". By showing up in large numbers, we send the clear message that these issues are important!

Below is a sample of some of the bills; there are many more likely to be on the docket (the official calendar is not released yet)

CACR23 - The State shall not abridge the right of parents to control the welfare and education of their children
CACR24 - No new tax on personal income shall be levied by the state of New Hampshire
CACR21 & CACR29 - Local control of education
HB1623 - Decriminalizing possession of small quantities of marijuana
HB1543 - Citizen's petition for redress of grievances by the legislature
HB1472 - Housing regulation
HB1354 - Banning firearms from the State House [related posts linked here]
HB1208 - Allowing dental hygienists to engage in independent practice
HB1291 - Requiring persons under 18 years of age to wear ski helmets

Please dress (and act) professionally. If you have an NHLA pin, wear it on your lapel. We'll distribute "Defend Liberty" stickers as well.

It is highly likely that this session will carry over into Thursday, March 6th. If you miss us at 8:30, come to Representatives' Hall. We will be outside the House chambers talking to Reps prior to the session, and in the gallery observing the proceedings once the session commences.

This could be a good opportunity to catch up with Nick Levasseur and politely ask him if he still takes an interest in stalking and shooting at conservative-minded folk such as myself.

Note to self: Charge camera battery.