Friday, April 18, 2008

I Don't Get It

Eight days in the city: Six arsons, one suspicious fire

MANCHESTER – An arsonist or arsonists are on the loose in the city and police want the public's help in finding them.

In just eight days in the city, there were 10 fires, six of which were ruled arson and a seventh whose cause is still undetermined and under investigation, according to fire department investigator Paul Allard.

Wait a minute.

Where are all the calls for gasoline control laws?

Clearly, we need to license people who which to purchase and possess flammable liquids and matches. And, criminal background checks at the gas pumps is a must!

Sounds idiotic, yes, but if these were all firearms-related acts, you can bet the farm the gun controllers would be all over this, without a care in the world about the individuals behind the acts, but screaming to high heavens about the tools being used by them.