Saturday, September 20, 2008

Might I Recommend a Pocket Holster Next Time?


RUMNEY, N.H. -- A Pelham deer hunter was hospitalized Saturday after accidentally shooting himself in the leg in Rumney.

Alrick Hammar, 55, was bow hunting from a tree stand on Rattlesnake Mountain when he stood to stretch around 8:40 a.m., state fish and game officials said.

Sgt. Brian Suttmeier said Hammar had a handgun in his pocket, which snagged on something as the hunter stood. The gun went off, wounding Hammar in the leg.

Anyone who carries a pistol in his pocket with a chambered round, and without a holster that completely covers and protects the trigger guard, is just asking for something like this to happen.

Uncle Mike's makes a decent pocket holster than you can get for about 12 bucks. A damn good investment when you consider the alternative.

Xavier has more on this topic with accompanying "lessons learned" story.