Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quick Question

Exactly, how many radical, anti-American Communists and terrorists must one person be affiliated with before people start to think that maybe, just maybe, that person shouldn't be given the keys to the front door of the White House and made Commander-in-Chief of the American Armed Forces?

Seriously, what's the cut-off point?

Andrew McCarthy: Another Communist in Obama’s Orb

With what little media oxygen there has been sucked out by the largely uninformative discussion of Ayers (and his wife and Weather Underground ally, Bernadine Dohrn) — in which the mantra “unrepentant terrorist” has been a pale substitute for the critical matter of the Ayers’s ideology that Obama plainly shares — much has been missed. Significantly, that includes another key Obama contact, Mike Klonsky.

Here’s what you need to know. Klonsky is an unabashed communist whose current mission is to spread Marxist ideology in the American classroom. Obama funded him to the tune of nearly $2 million. Obama, moreover, gave Klonsky a broad platform to broadcast his ideas: a “social justice” blog on the official Obama campaign website.

To be clear, as it seems always necessary to repeat when Obamaniacs, in their best Saul Alinsky tradition, shout down the opposition: This is not about guilt by association. The issue is not that Obama knows Klonsky … or Ayers … or Dohrn … or Wright … or Rashid Khalidi …

The issue is that Obama promoted and collaborated with these anti-American radicals. The issue is that he shared their ideology.

It should go without saying, but READ THE WHOLE THING.

Now, if anyone reading this is planning on voting for Barack Obama, answer me this. Are you so uninformed that you know nothing about his past and present relationships with these people, or are you cool with that?

Is there a third scenario I'm overlooking here? Like, maybe someone's holding you child or grandmother hostage until you submit to them photographic proof that you voted for Obama?