Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Let's Play "Where Did She Go Wrong?"

From the Union Leader:

The woman, identified as Patricia Worsley, told police she took $280 out of an ATM on Amherst Street. The defendant then walked over to her and asked her for directions to the Exit 8 welcome center, court papers say.

Worsley told police she gave him verbal instructions and it looked like he didn't understand, so she offered him a ride. When she and Digianvittorio got to the park and ride he allegedly told her where to park then told her to get out of the car, showing her a "knifelike object," according to court papers.

Worsley said she asked Digianvittorio if he was serious and he allegedly told her he would kill her if she did not get out of the car, as he moved closer to her with the knife, court papers say.

She said she jumped out of the car and attempted to retrieve her purse which was on the back seat, but the accused backed up the Volkswagen Jetta, hitting her with the door and knocking her to the ground, according to court papers.

Looks like someone needs a refresher course.

On a related note, Bob Owens (The Confederate Yankee) has a good piece up about what it means to carry a concealed weapon, and how it affects the way you see the world.

It was also during this time that my carry class instructor’s “have a plan” speech began to make sense. Before I began carrying, I would be thinking about one issue or another as I carried out errands for my wife and kids, and couldn’t have told you much about what was going on around me. Because I was armed I felt a greater responsibility to be aware of my surroundings, noting where I was and who was around me. I wasn’t planning to kill anyone, but I was making sure that I minimized risk by being aware of what was going on.

Whether you are carrying a defensive weapon or not, simply by being aware of your surroundings and the people around you, you can significantly decrease the odds of becoming a victim.

And, because it bears repeating: The first rule of self-defense is to avoid places and situations where self-defense might be necessary.