Thursday, December 11, 2008

Take the Blago Gun Survey

As we all know now, conditional to his release on bail, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was ordered to surrender his state-issued Firearms Owner Identification Card.

I haven't heard nay news accounts of any firearms being confiscated from his home, so we'll just have to speculate, for now, as to what he's got in his home arsenal.

So, here's a twist on the tired, old, worn-out gun forum poll question "If you could only own one gun, what would it be?".

Given what we know about Governor Blago's way of life and his "charming" personality, if he could only have one gun, what would it be?

I'll post my answer later on.

UPDATE: Before I give you my answer, which no one else has picked yet, here are some of the excellent picks submitted in the comments, so far, by the most astute blog readers you'll ever hope to meet.

stickman: Shitcargo punk ass hoods would be carrying the colt 1903 in .32 back in the day.

Brian: AK-47, the preferred weapon of our enemy.

wolfwalker: ...he's gonna carry a Chicago Piano: the .45-cal Thompson submachine gun with 50-round drum magazine.

Linz: Uzi. Definitely an uzi.

Mopar (who wins the GSA (Golden Snark Award) for this one: H&K G36, of course. Because you suck and he's better then you.

OK, that's funny.

Also, forget about Monday, if this post-Blagobust traffic keeps up, I'll be a "mega-blogger" before noon tomorrow.