Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Granite State Economic Stimulus Proposal

With all the talk going on about excessive, unnecessary pork-barrel spending masquerading as economic stimulus, it was quite refreshing to wake up this morning and read about an elected official right here in New England, who's stepping up to the plate and offering an alternative proposal that will actually do something to strengthen the New Hampshire economy.

So, please join me right now in thanking...

...Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.

Governor Deval Patrick is considering raising the state's gasoline tax by as much as 29 cents per gallon, which would at once give Massachusetts the highest state gas tax in the country while generating enough revenue to potentially rid the Massachusetts Turnpike of tolls.

"Take this gas tax, and I'll make the tolls disappear."

Sounds an awful lot like the campaign "promise" he made to all the gullible idiots who voted for him to lower everyone's property taxes in exchange for hiking up some others. How's that one working out?

George Carlin called this a "68".

"You do me, and I'll owe you one."

So, in these trying economic times, when families across the Bay State and the country are struggling to make ends meet, who would be hurt the most by this massive tax hike?

Not too many people, actually...only those residents of Massachusetts who have to drive to their jobs (or to the grocery store, doctor's office, school, community center, etc.), or purchase goods and services from companies that use motor vehicles to transport workers, products, tools, and materials over the road.

Just a small handful, really.

Must be nice to be a governor (or a state legislator) who doesn't actually have to use his or her own money to fill the gas tank to get to work.

Now, to my readers still trapped behind enemy lines, I say, don't despair quite yet.

The "Screw the Unwashed Little People of Massachusetts" bill hasn't hit the floor yet. In fact, the Globe reports that even Governor Hopenchange isn't too sure if he'll go forward with it.

But administration officials, responding yesterday to a leak reported in the media, said the governor also was considering a gas tax increase as low as 5 cents and that no decisions have been made.

But, fear not.

He's already got a Plan B in place to screw over the working people of Massachusetts, should this latest proposed tax hike fail to materialize.

Patrick is also considering a new system that would charge drivers based on the miles they travel. Those trips would be measured by a chip installed in a vehicle inspection sticker.

So, with jobs becoming harder and harder to find by the day, it only makes sense that those who are now having to travel further to get to and from their jobs should be the ones punished most harshly, and made to pay for the cost of running Governor Patrick's "progressive" regime.

And, he wants the government to have the ability to track your every move by satellite, and to know where your car is located 24 hours a day. What could possibly go wrong???

Forget about being governor (in what was once the cradle of American independence and liberty).

Fry cook at Kelly's Roast Beef is above this guy's pay grade.

Good luck to you folks. You're gonna need it.