Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Obamilitia Goes On Recon

Taste the Hopenchange.

The Connecticut Working Families Party this weekend has organized a bus [tour] that will make stops at Wilton, Connecticut, AIG office as well as the security-patrolled homes of AIG execs who are fearing for their lives.

"We're going to be peaceful and lawful in everything we do," said Jon Green, the director of Connecticut Working Families. "I know there's a lot of anger and a lot of rage about what's happened. We're not looking to foment that unnecessarily, but what we want to do is give folks in Bridgeport and Hartford and other parts of Connecticut who are struggling and losing their homes and their jobs and their health insurance an opportunity to see what kinds of lifestyle billions of dollars in credit-default swaps can buy."

No word yet if they'll be swinging by Chris Dodd's house for a cup of tea.

All I can tell you is that if one of these Acornholes (What? ACORN's behind this??? I am SHOCKED!) goes back there at night, hops the fence at one of the AIG executives's homes, and is rewarded for his efforts with a .223 Rem slug in the cranium, you'll be able to count the number of seconds of sleep I would lose over it on your antennae.