Thursday, March 05, 2009

Privacy For Me, But Not For Thee

Meet Stamford, Connecticut Mayor Dannel Malloy, a proud member of Tom Menino's organization, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a coalition of gun control-loving politicians posing as bunch of "get tough on crime" types.

As 99.99% of my regular readers know, their goal is to get legislation passed at the federal level, which would make it harder and more expensive for non-criminals to purchase firearms, and to hold gun manufacturers and dealers liable for unlawful misuse of the products they make and sell to non-criminals.

There isn't a gun control proposal out there, to which Mumbles' minions have spoken out in opposition. If it infringes on the rights and privacy of law-abiding American citizens who wish to own guns for lawful purposes, they're "all in".

Perhaps, Mayor Malloy should start cleaning his own house, so to speak, before getting involved with any national efforts to strip me of my Constitutionally-protected rights.

As Stamford Mayor Dannel Malloy explores a run for the governor's office, his son is in trouble with the law again.

Ben Malloy, 21, and two other men tried to rob drugs from a Darien man early Tuesday morning, Darien Police said.

Initially, the man told police he was the victim of an armed home invasion, but police said they quickly realized it was a drug buy turned robbery.

Police believe Malloy and two other men had arranged to buy drugs from the victim, but instead of handing over cash, they pulled out guns and told the victim to hand over the drugs. When the victim refused, Malloy and his two friends took off, police said.


Mayor Malloy and his wife issued a statement after their son's arrest.

"We have worked very hard as parents to support our son and get him the help he needs to combat his emotional illness and substance abuse. We remain deeply concerned about his well-being and will continue to support him throughout his treatment and beyond. We are cooperating fully with police and ask the public to respect our privacy as the police do their job."

Not that this was ever in doubt, but now you know what it takes for an anti-gun rights politician to develop a new-found respect for an individual's right to privacy.