Sunday, March 01, 2009


Unemployment in the "progressive" workers' paradise of California has hit double digits.

LA Times: State caught in avalanche of job losses

Let's play "Spot the Irony".

Hollywood studios and television networks have been slashing payrolls as financing and revenue ebb. Although box-office sales are up 23% for the first few weeks of the year, other parts of the entertainment business, such as DVD sales, have been struggling.

Warner Bros. announced last month it would eliminate 800 jobs. Other entertainment heavyweights, including Viacom Inc., video game giant Electronic Arts Inc. and Hollywood's largest independent studio, Lionsgate, have also downsized.

All I can say is, won't somebody please think about Johnny Depp's children?

They could be forced to make some serious lifestyle changes, should their father see his income slashed in half, and only manage to bring home $45 million this year.