Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Contest Winners

After much deliberation (close to a half-hour's worth anyway), I have decided on the three winners of the First Annual (Maybe) Obamanomics/Hopenchange Limerick Contest. It went down to the wire with several entries vying for that coveted third place slot.

I have taken the liberty of editing some punctuation and capitalization where needed. Note, entries were graded higher for having proper (or close to) meter, as well as for their content.

So, without further ado...


The Obamabots' rose-colored prism
Dictates forms of perverse optimism.
Hopenchange, 'bamanomics,
Really, who needs the comics
With this laughable crap, socialism?


Our nation had hoped for some change
Then elected a man who was strange
He deemed himself Lord
As ammo sales soared
Now it costs more to go to the range


Drinking the Kool-aid straight from a bucket,
The moonbats and media said f*** it.
They elected the messiah,
Whose been proven a liar.
Now the stimulus he tells to suck it!

Congratulations to our winners.

Now, if you guys (Jim and Zappa) would take a minute to peruse the Gadsden and Culpeper American Heritage Shoppe website, select your prizes, and notify me of your choices via e-mail, that would be great. And, I'll need all three of you to get your mailing address to me, as well.

I want to get this order in ASAP.