Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pots and Kettles

Recently, two very different groups of Americans went about their day pursuing very different goals.

One group, comprised of hundreds of thousands of American citizens, took to the streets to stand up for freedom and protest the expansion of a tax-happy federal government and the out of control pork-barrel spending in Washington DC that's enriching the well-heeled lobbyists and special interest groups, while driving up taxes and the cost of living for working Americans.

The other group, made up of just a few hundred American citizens, was working diligently to eliminate funding for a successful and popular charter school program in Washington DC, a course of action that will benefit politically-connected special interest groups and see 1,700 low-income children from African-American households forced back into the failing public schools in the District.

Now, guess which group has been vilified over the last few weeks by politicians and pundits alike as being "deranged", "extremist", and "racist".